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Hi, I’m Nick Skillicorn

I help companies and individuals improve their creativity and turbocharge their innovation efforts.

Whether you’re an artist, entrepreneur or running a multi-million dollar project, imagine being able to consistently and easily produce new offerings which take the market by storm.

With my insights, you will achieve that feeling of pride and accomplishment. And now is the perfect time to start.

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What you need to be innovative

In order to successfully innovate on an ongoing basis, you need to have capabilities in the Three Dimensions of Innovation

Individual People's creativity

Some people are just not creative, right?

Wrong! Find out more

People's creativity

New research is providing insights that everyone has the ability to improve their creativity with the right training. By making some small changes to the way you work, you can dramatically improve your ability to generate those special “Eureka” moments.

Teams to execute innovations

So many potentially lucrative ideas are wasted because teams aren't able to execute an idea from start to finish.

Teamwork, Techniques and Tools

A simple methodology to developing innovations can drastically increase the likelihood of the idea actually turning into something valuable. Lower rates of failure, faster time to market and developing the offering your customers desire.

A culture of innovation

As companies grow and mature, they lose their innovative edge

With a few simple insights, they can get it back. Find out more.

Organisational support for innovation

Creating a culture of innovation includes being able to balance innovation projects across risk, budget and timeframes, encouraging creative thinking among your people and selecting innovation efforts aligned to your vision and strategy

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