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1111, 2016

FREE Webinar: Becoming even more creative (detailed training with Q&A)

Hi everyone, I want to say a big thank you to everyone who has signed up so far for the How to become even more creative training. It’s been such a delight to see how much people love it and the messages I’m getting about how it has cleared up a lot of confusing topics around […]

411, 2016

New insights on how your creativity decreases as you get older

I couldn’t wait to teach you some amazing insights I recently found out on how creativity evolves over time, so I just grabbed by phone and shot this quick video for you. I also put together a much more detailed video on the research if you want the real juicy insights, and how it says […]

2810, 2016

Microsoft retakes the innovation crown with its new focus on creativity

Up until a few years ago, experts in the innovation space were using Microsoft as a case study for failing to innovate. They showed how Microsoft had “missed the boat” on several important technological trends, including losing search to Google, smartphones to Apple, operating systems and Office to Web 2.0 applications and apps to both […]

2710, 2016

A tribute to Robert Brands, one of our authors who sadly passed away

This week, I received the sad news that the innovation community has lost a dear colleague. I recently found out that Robert Brands passed away on an All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) weekend, doing what he loved: being adventurous. Robert was a frequent writer for Idea to Value, and a much-loved member of the worldwide innovation […]

2010, 2016

This heartbreaking short film by two guys from PIXAR shows animation isn’t just for kids

When people think of Pixar, they usually think of family-friendly cartoons like Finding Nemo, Monsters Inc and Toy Story. Well, two animators from the world’s most successful digital animation studio want to change your opinion on just what stories digital animations can tell. “Borrowed Time” , video shown above, is an animated short film, directed […]

2010, 2016

First look at Nintendo’s new games console: The Nintendo Switch

Nintendo just released a trailer for its next generation console, which now finally has a name: The Nintendo Switch. After the phenomenal success of the Wii, Nintendo still has around $10 billion of cash reserves in the bank. However, their failure to convince customers of the capabilities and values of their follow-up system, the WiiU, […]