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You’ve shown that you realise the immense value of improving your creativity and capability to innovate.


All of my work is completely bespoke to each client, because innovation itself is all about providing value.

Check out just some of the amazing feedback I’ve received for my work so far.

We engaged Improvides to help us generate new business name ideas for Legal Tender after we decided to expand our product line beyond tendering. Nick ran a series of workshops for us which helped stimulate new ideas and better understand the creative process. This enabled us to take a more structured approach towards developing several viable options and was enormously helpful in contributing his own suggestions. We would highly recommend Nick and will definitely work with him again in the future.
Hannah Richards, COO, Legal Tender


By providing simple and relevant insights, Nick ensured that we took the steps necessary to evaluate our current offering and overcome the problems that were inhibiting us. Nick made use of his diverse knowledge which ranges from technology based advice to practical marketing. In doing this, he shaved 2 months off our estimated phase 2 date. Added to this, by using Nick’s methods, we were able to go way and ask the right questions in order to better understand our market and provide more perceived value to our users.
Dan Manzi, Evergrad


There are many ways that I can help you and your team. Click on each of options below to find out how I can add value, and then let me know what your ambitions are using the contact form below.

I look forward to working with you.


You want to give your team a valuable insight into some specific, actionable changes they can make to help your business become more innovative and creative.

And you want it all to be done in an hour, an afternoon or at an event?

In that case, bringing me in as a speaker or workshop facilitator is the perfect solution. Whether it’s a small gathering or in front of a room of thousands, I’ll develop a speech for you which leaves the crowd motivated and ready to take action.

Are you looking for someone to produce expert content for your website, magazine, TV programme or other media outlet? In that case, let me take that work off your hands and give your audience the sort of insights into innovation and creativity they are craving.

My written articles are traditionally between 1,000 – 3,000 words in length and focus on a particular change a reader can make quickly and simply. Alternatively, I often also provide insights into trends happening in the marketplace, or a list of interesting innovations to look out for. Both have proven popular with some of the many business websites where my content is currently published.

Whatever your media needs, let me know what you’re after and I’ll see if I’m the man to provide you with it.

Not everyone is blessed with the creativity of a Picasso, Mozart or Steve Jobs. In fact, many corporate environments have established a culture which actually suppresses your ability to generate ideas. And even creative industries like Advertising, Music and Film are not immune to this issue; in fact they’re sabotaging themselves more than any other!

Fortunately, some insights into how the brain actually generates ideas can have a profound effect on your team’s creativity. Starting with a workshop to discuss how and when ideas are formed, several sessions of creativity training will soon show a measurable improvement in your ability to generate special ideas, at any time and for any challenge.

Ultimately, investing in your people’s creativity is investing in the ideas which will shape your business’ future.

If you want to become a true innovation leader, you need someone who is going to work with you as an individual, find your current capabilities, determine what your vision is and then push you to reach that goal sooner than you could ever on your own. This is the power of personalised coaching.

I am only able to take on a small number of coaching clients each year as I am committed to giving them the focused, one-on-one attention they need for their specific circumstances. Coaching sessions will include regular, focused sessions over several months. In addition to this, you will receive access to all of my insight training and templates throughout your coaching journey to work through, so by the end you haven’t only learned what needs to be done, you’ll actually have done it and started seeing the benefits.

Use the form below to let me know what your ambitions are, and even if I am currently fully booked, I will let you know when the next coaching slots will be available.

If you’re a business that wants to be ready for whatever the future marketplace can throw at you, and lead the way by developing new offerings which your customers go crazy for, then you need to ensure that you have all of the capabilities needed to innovate.

The problem that the vast majority of companies have is that they realise innovation is important for not only growth, but for their very survival, and yet they have no idea what is currently preventing their innovation efforts actually producing results.

Working with you, I’ll help you understand exactly which parts of your business may be holding you back, what you can do about it, and then be there with you to make it happen.

Traditionally, I begin with an innovation audit to determine your innovation and creativity strengths and weaknesses across the 3 Dimensions of Innovation, and will then agree which capabilities to improve would have the largest impact.

By the end, you’ll be better able to allocate your scare resources to innovation projects with a much improved likelihood that you’ll actually get a return.

If there are specific innovation objectives you have in mind, I will help you achieve those as well, whether they be training up your staff, finding a new business model or even developing a new offering from scratch.

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