Consulting: delivering transformation in your company

Delivering ideas successfully to the market is usually highly risky. That is why the majority of large companies struggle to deliver innovation projects:

Normal Project Failure rate: 70%
Innovation Project Failure rate: 96%

The irony is that the common myth in innovation is that in order to succeed at innovation, you need more ideas to start with.

This is why most other innovation consultants will recommend workshops and training in methods to generate more ideas, like Brainstorming or Design Thinking.

However, after years of consulting and working with both companies that succeed at innovation and those that fail, it is clear that having more ideas is not the solution.

Instead, the reason why most companies fail at innovation is that they do not have all of the other capabilities across multiple teams to deliver, manage and lead innovation.

In order to transform the likelihood of innovation success rates, I have identified the 23 capabilities which companies need across various levels, and a rigorous assessment method to analyse and rate each of the capabilities.

The result is my 3 Dimensions of Innovation framework, which will help you identify your current gaps in innovation performance, and plan how to overcome these gaps:

3 Dimensions of Innovation: 23 capabilities your company needs

Example output: Rating the 23 capabilities current performance analysis

Consulting options: Advisory or Delivery?

I have two types of standard consulting offerings:


If you are looking for opportunities to improve your innovation success rate, or turbocharge the creativity of your people.

I will come and work with your team, remotely or on site, to assess your current innovation performance using either the full list of capabilities of the 3 Dimensions of Innovation, or a subset of chosen capabilities.

Based on the outcomes of the analysis, we will then work together to identify your strengths, gaps in performance, areas for potential improvement, and a plan on how best to build the required capabilities.


If your team and leadership already have a clear goal for what aspects of innovation you want to improve, or if you have a specific innovation project in need of structured progress management.

I will work directly with your team to implement the innovation frameworks most appropriate for your unique challenge, and help your team plan, measure, validate and accelerate progress on the project.

This will get you to your target faster, with less stress and far more effectively than before.

Examples of consulting client successes:

Each consulting engagement is tailored to your company’s unique innovation ambitions and challenges, which usually relate to identifying and filling needs related to the capabilities available in the current teams, or the desired strategic capabilities of the future.

Since 2005, I have helped companies in the UK, Germany, Australia, Sweden, Italy, the Netherlands on site and across the world remotely, leading and consulting with cross-border, multinational and multidisciplinary teams.

Some examples of successes I helped consulting clients achieve include:

  • 3x revenue for a digital corporate startup venture and helping them spin out
  • Developing a new operating model for a hypergrowth Fintech to continue collaborating effectively while scaling to 7,000+ employees and beyond
  • Designing the new idea management system for a government agency
  • Training innovation skills and capabilities in a multinational professional services firm
  • Planning the agile digital transformation of a luxury eCommerce client
  • Alignment and removal of cross-departmental roadblocks for a nation’s largest engineering project and reducing customer complaints by 85%
  • Transformation of corporate purpose identity through design thinking sprints

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