Based on my more than 17 years of experience assisting companies around the world achieve their biggest transformation ambitions, I charge premium fees for my services.

I am proud of that, as it is based on the incredible value and outcomes my clients achieve from working with me.

Often, my insights on why innovation fails, and how to remove the blockers, can save teams months or years of failure and get alignment where there was previously only stress.

And my insights on unlocking the creativity of everyone can result in millions of additional revenue, not to mention a more engaged, productive and passionate workforce.

However, the good news is that with me you get all the benefits of extensive experience from the world’s best consulting firms, with a more realistic price.

What clients used to pay when I worked at the largest Management Consulting firm

For example, when I was in Australia working with the world’s largest Management Consulting company as an innovation specialist, the prices charged for insights, advice and implementation for innovation projects was at the very top end of the market.

For one client there I managed a two week Design Thinking Sprint where my team and I upskilled their internal team in innovation thinking for a single specific challenge they were facing. For this two week project the client paid $80,000.

In another example, a different client wanted myself and our innovation partner to run a one-day leadership workshop on developing their innovation & intrapreneurial capabilities. This one-day workshop was charged at $25,000.

Longer term innovation projects were charged even higher.

That is what companies were previously paying, and they were used to it.

So you can see the fees which the world’s largest consultancies charge for this type of innovation transformation.

And clients are more than happy to pay these fees for a simple reason: By improving their teams’ actual innovation performance, and the speed at which their innovation projects could progress afterwards, it delivered so much more value than what they struggled to achieve alone beforehand.

What I charge now

Now, since nowadays I run my own projects independently, and I can choose the client I work with, my fees when you work directly with me are much lower than the world’s largest Management Consulting firms.

Yes, I proudly charge much higher fees than many other firms who might run a more general “innovation workshop” or just give motivational speeches.

That is because while they try to sell the same service to everyone, my focus is on your company actually achieving your innovation ambitions faster, cheaper and at a lower risk.

I will help you achieve that.

And for new customers, working with me usually begins with a shorter engagement which is more affordable than you think.

There are standard and clear ranges for what I charge, based on the scope and ambition of the project, and I will be more than happy to discuss your unique and specific ambitions around delivering innovation and creativity.

Just get in contact.

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