Workshops: Innovate in a few hours

If you only have a few hours, but still want to achieve a specific outcome for your innovation agenda, you need Nick to facilitate a workshop.

In Nick’s workshops, your team know exactly what they are hoping to produce and there is a structured approach to achieve these goals faster than ever before.

Workshops are excellent for teams that need to overcome a roadblock, generate new ideas or plan out next steps.

As a result of the structured approach, a single workshop can deliver more specific outcomes than weeks or months of teams working informally without an experienced facilitator.

Growth Sprints: Deliver innovation in just a few weeks

Sprints come from the world of Agile management, where a small team works together for a fixed period of time in order to achieve a specific goal or meet a set milestone.

A Growth Sprint is an accelerated innovation sprint, where a team sets out to generate, develop and test a new innovation idea, or identify how to build up an important specific innovation capability.

Usually these take a few weeks, where I work with one of your teams away from their normal job to solve a specific innovation challenge you might have.

You will be amazed how your company’s challenges which previously would have taken your teams months (or even a year or more) to solve using traditional methods can make significant progress in a fraction of the time and for far less budget.

Growth Sprints are also a vital method to validate progress on specific innovation initiatives, a core part of prioritising a healthy innovation portfolio.

which sprint or workshop is right for my team?

Based on my experience, I have seen the following capabilities from the 3 Dimensions of Innovation work as either Sprints or Workshops.

Using this framework, we can quickly identify topics which would bring maximum value to your team in the shortest possible time.

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