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Working with Nick for our: 5th Annual Operational Excellence Directors Forum was of great value for the event, his professionalism, knowledge and engaging personality definitely helped in the success of the event. Not only this but also the quality of his presentation skills were second to none, he brought excellent out of the box knowledge and thinking, and engaged with the audience and speakers in a way that caused them to critically think on topics such as; Process Excellence, Culture, Digitalisation, and innovation that brought engaging thoughts to the audience.

It was a pleasure working with Nick and I would definitely recommend him for future speaking opportunities, he will definitely be invited to our future events!

Liam Birtwistle
Head of Production & Project Portfolio
Lead for 5th Annual Operational Excellence Forum 2023

We invited Nick Skillicorn to be a keynote speaker on our PhD Day event to give a talk about the science behind creativity. We came across a few TED-talks from him about this topic, which fitted exactly into our theme “When Creativity meets Science”. Luckily for us, he was enthusiastic about our day and agreed to give a talk on our day! Originally, it was planned to be an offline event, but due to the corona pandemic we had to switch to an online format.

The talk itself was very informative and exactly what we were looking for. Among other topics, Nick touched upon different insights into how creativity is affected over a human lifetime and how creativity works in the brain. This gave us actually new insights about our own creative mindset or better said our threshold to become more creative!

Nick is a very good presenter, and his talk was very good prepared. This makes listening to him a pleasure. He is easily accessible and a quick responder to our emails about any questions we had. This made working with him a pleasant experience. So, if you are searching for an interesting, good speaker for your event, I would definitely recommend Nick Skillicorn for your event!

Stephanie van der Voorn,

Event: PhD Day 2021 from the University of Utrecht, the Netherlands

The most enlightening part was learning why the brain behaves how it does. That behaviours and responses which seem counter-productive or counter-intuitive, actually have their roots in our evolution as a species. Would be great to learn more hacks and workarounds…“The Brain Whisperer”!

Mat Denney, Creative Director, Havas Worldwide

“Nick’s presentation was the perfect balance of the science behind creativity and practical ways to become more creative every day. It was informative, empowering and really resonated with our Creative Community.

Kelly Kenny, Strategic and Creative Planning Associate, Ketchum Global

“The talk with Nick gave to the audience and to ourselves an insightful view of the scientific principles of creative mind. Nick was a very engaging and enthusiastic speaker, who’ve enlightened the audience with amazing knowledge as well as practical techniques to exercise creative motions and ideas. Would love having another speaking engagement with Nick in the future!”

Yaron Saghiv, CMO of Funzing

“We have worked with Nick Skillicorn proving great results in collaboration beyond boundaries. This behavior has provided us with tools to re-shape the way we interact with third parties, adding real value to our innovation agenda”

Andres Saenz, Innovation & Productivity Enterprise Architect, PepsiCo Andean Region

First off, let me tell you I am overwhelmed at amount of valuable information and insight that was presented over the 8 days. Every video at the Summit I’ve seen completely resonated with what we are seeing in our innovation efforts at Fluor.

I loved your fantastic “highlights” wrap-up of all of the sessions.  The fact that you are letting us share that with others is the perfect “next step” in allowing the key messages to be communicated to our senior leadership team.  I will be using it to force those conversations that need to take place – but don’t just naturally happen.  

Steve Weidemann – Business Transformation and Innovation Catalyst, FLUOR

I have been to a few workshops this year and it was honestly the most helpful and informative session I have been to.  It was so relevant to the current challenges in the company and I have already started implementing some of the guidance gained through the workshop.

Justin Bain, Chief Executive Officer, Energetique  (Energy & Mobility)

Presenter was on point. Actual frameworks and real explanations. 10/10


Working with Nick was fast, trusting and uncomplicated. Nick thought about the relevant facts very well and transparently worked out the essential aspects of our innovation process. Nick discusses at eye level and advises in a highly professional manner. He does not just repeat the opinion of his client, but thoroughly and critically documents the work, resulting in a comprehensive and excellent output. He is not only a valuable sparring partner for us, but also a real support in structuring our ambitious digitization strategy.

Jan Lennart Dykstra
Head of Business Development – BPG Building Partners Group

Nick’s structured problem solving coupled with the ability to translate analysis into action through influencing multiple stakeholder groups has been a key strength. In addition his passion for innovation has been a key theme throughout his time here, both in terms of introducing new ways of working at our clients, building out key collateral and contributing to our market eminence in this space.

Dan Ogilvie
Monitor Deloitte Australia
Strategy Consulting

From my experience, what makes Nicholas truly exceptional is his ability to effectively assess, structure, navigate and solve complex problems whilst building positive relationships and providing clarity and tangible results in environments of uncertainty. Further, he is a true team player that motivates the people around him and cares deeply about his team and team members’ well-being, development, and success.

Sebastian Stenudd

Team Lead | Operating Model Design & Rollout | Klarna

During the most intense times, I was especially impressed by Nick’s calm, mindful approach and ability to focus and prioritize. In these times he seems to reach his peak performance and you can always rely on successful delivery.

The combination between my extensive experience in the Industry and Nick’s understanding of Innovation resulted in strong foundations for strategic discussions.

This is where you truly notice is international experience in high-value consulting, as well as his passion around delivering Innovation.

Thomas Zelic, COO, Zeppelin Lab

Nick was an exemplary consultant and colleague who I have very much enjoyed working with and respect. Always calm under pressure and looking for creative ways to find solutions to what seem insurmountable problems, his experience and innovative thinking were instrumental in us succeeding.

Dan Testa
General Manager │ NPD Quality Projects | nbn

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