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Creativity is the production of new and valuable ideas. Innovation involves putting these into practice in a way that brings about desired benefits. Innovation is also the most important competency as seen by virtually all global CEOs, and the only way to ensure a company can grow. There are 3 Dimensions of Innovation which need to work together in order for ideas to move beyond concepts to be in the market:

Where the capabilities for all of these dimensions are strong enough, it can be seen as a perfect cube, with each side supporting the others. However, many hurdles inhibit valuable ideas, from teams working ineffectively, people not working to their creative potential and organisations actually creating an environment unsuitable for innovation. In these situations where some of the 3 Dimensions are not fully developed or supported, the innovations capability will be hindered as outlined below:

An effective organisation where all 3 dimensions complement and support each other
An organisation where Teamwork, Techniques and Tools are inhibiting innovation
An organisation where both Organisational Support and People’s Creativity are inhibiting innovation

Improvides works with you to assess and improve your capability in the TOP 3 Dimensions of Innovation & Creativity