I couldn’t wait to teach you some amazing insights I recently found out on how creativity evolves over time, so I just grabbed by phone and shot this quick video for you. I also put together a much more detailed video on the research if you want the real juicy insights, and how it says you can improve your creativity. Hope you enjoy it.

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I get asked frequently about:

“Why does it feel like I’m less creative than I used to be?”

Well, as someone who looks to find the science behind innovation and creativity, I looked at what the research had to say, and found two very interesting studies.

The first, by George Land, looked at how creativity evolves in children as they grow. He followed 1,600 kids across a ten year period. When the study began, the children at 5 years old were given tests to see how well they generated ideas, and 98% of them scored at a genius level for creativity. Five years later, those same children had dropped down to 30% being genius level creatives. And even worse, by the time they got into high school, only 12% of them were still classified as highly creative. Even worse than that, when he studied 280,000 adults he found that only 2% of adults still have this genius-level creativity.

Similarly to that, there is another study which looked at 300,000 adults and wanted to see how creativity levels across the entire population were changing as the current years and decades go by. Kyung Hee Kim looked at the average creativity scores between 1990 and 2008, and also found unfortunately that there has been a general in the creative ability of people and their ability to generate ideas.

Now, why is this? Well in the detailed video you can get here, I give much more detail on these studies and a lot more detail on why creativity levels are decreasing.

But there’s also very good news that I’ve found! You see, while there’s this trend of creativity decreasing, there also seem to be 5 simple exercises that you or anyone can do to restore those creativity levels, that I’m going to show you how you can do for free. It also includes details on a brand-new set of creativity exercises called Deep Creativity Training. And included in that, give you access to some free eLearning on those that I’ve just put together.

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Now, go out there and use those new insights and skills to make something happen ?