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Do you want to inspire your people?

Do you want your people to finally be able to unleash their creativity?

And collaborate in new ways that make innovation less risky and more likely to succeed?

My keynote and virtual speeches are designed to transform the performance of your teams.

Based on more than a decade working in consulting with the world’s largest companies, and years studying the neuroscience of how we get our best ideas, my speeches are unlike anything you have experienced before. Exciting and yet based on solid scientific evidence, so that you can trust that your teams will finally hear the truth about what it takes for them to have their best ideas, instead of the lies they have been told for most of their life.

While other speakers only tell stories to motivate, after a session with me your teams will understand what they can change today in order to take their performance to the next level.

For an example, check out my popular TEDx talk on the Science of Creativity, enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of people:

Two speeches to choose from:

The Science of Creativity

My MOST POPULAR Speech, perfect for Virtual and Remote teams

Topic: Creativity, Neuroscience, Innovation, Change, Habits

Perfect for: Global Conferences, Media, Client-Facing Events, Corporate Meetings, Associations

Duration range: 45 minutes – 90 minutes (adapted to fit your needs)

Leaders agree: Creativity and Problem solving skills will be the most important skills for our people to adapt to the business and world of the future. Yet less than 41% of people think they are creative. Most children are incredibly creative. But what happens to us as we grow older that makes us appear to lose our creativity? Is it just that schools and parents train us to all think the same way, or is there something happening at the genetic level?

Using a combination of psychology, evolutionary biology and cutting edge neuroscience, your teams and people will begin to understand not only how they have been looking at their own creativity the wrong way, but more importantly, how to use these scientific insights to reclaim and improve their creativity and translate this into better ideas at work and at home, every day. Your audience will learn:

  • What creativity actually is, and where in the brain it comes from

  • Why your creativity appears to have declined since your childhood into adulthood

  • The scientific reason your adult brain tries to RESIST being creative

  • The research behind why BRAINSTORMING does not work, and what you should do instead

  • The simple things you need to do every day, week and month to turbocharge your creativity

  • How your teams can use new creative techniques to collaborate more effectively than ever before

  • How to lead creative teams so that your talent brings their best work for the company every day

Taking the risk out of innovation

Topic: Innovation, Leadership, Management, Collaboration, Neuroscience, Performance

Perfect for: Corporate Meetings, Training Events, Global Conferences, Media, Client-Facing Events, Associations

Duration range: 60 minutes – 180 minutes (adapted to fit your needs)

What separates the companies that consistently fail at innovation from those which succeed at delighting customers and profiting from new offerings? After all, 96% of all innovation projects fail to make a return on investment, and the majority of company executives don’t believe they have the experience, resources and commitment to drive new growth. The companies which try to emulate Silicon Valley startups almost always quickly give up after not seeing any results or improvement. However, the companies which succeed do one thing differently: they have a clear innovation framework in place so they can manage and accelerate their innovation ideas to grow and become profitable.

Using insights on the innovation management frameworks at some of the world’s most consistently successful companies, as well as a combination of psychology, management science and cutting edge neuroscience, your teams and leadership will learn how to create a culture where new ideas can grow and thrive. Not only that, you will learn the exact capabilities and methods your teams need in order to plan, create, manage and scale the innovation projects aligned with your strategy, in a way that reduces risk, reduces the budget required and increases transparency and speed to market. Your audience will learn:

  • What innovation is, and why so many companies fail to deliver it

  • How to manage innovation projects using proven frameworks, without getting in the way of your people’s creativity

  • Why copying Silicon Valley often leads to innovation failure

  • The 10 different ways to innovate

  • Setting up a culture of Psychological Safety

  • Where in a company innovation teams need to be located

  • What your leadership can do today to improve their innovation success rates

Virtual & Remote Events:
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