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Want to improve your innovation and creativity skills in a fast, affordable and convenient way?

Then you need the exclusive eLearning Courses produced by me, Nick Skillicorn.

Each course is based on more than a decade of scientific research into how to actually improve your ability to generate and execute new ideas, in a structured approach designed to bring results.

Check out the following available courses, hosted at Nick’s online community Idea to Value.

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Learn the Secrets of Innovation and Creativity from 52 of the world’s leading experts

In this exclusive video series, Nick interviews some of the world’s most renowned thought leaders on what it takes to drive innovation performance and turbocharge your creativity. Over 26 hours of footage, also summarised into a condensed version where you can get the most valuable information in less than a lunchtime viewing.

Improve your creativity by exercising it every day

Do you want to challenge yourself and actually improve your creative performance. Then you need to train your brain to react correctly in creative situations. The best way to do this is to set it creative challenges every day, where there could be a multitude of possible answers and which trains your divergent thinking ability. The daily exercises are all exclusively designed by Nick and will push you further while still being comfortable enough to enjoy.

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