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In addition to the work I do directly with clients and through my eLearning, my mission is to get my knowledge to over a billion people worldwide.

I believe everyone has the right to understand the tools they have to improve their creativity and innovation capabilities.

That is why I provide the majority of my insights for free, to anyone on the internet. This includes thoroughly researched articles, podcast interviews with thought leaders and researchers, videos and books.

And of course, unlike most other advisors out there, I always provide direct links to the scientific sources, so you can trust the insights are true.

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Idea to Value blog is my award-winning blog, where I have written hundreds of articles about the science of creativity, and improving your innovation capabilities.

It is also regularily listed as one of the best innovation blogs and best creativity blogs in the world.

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Podcast: Idea to Value podcast with Nick Skillicorn

Idea to Value podcast

I also host and run the popular Idea to Value Podcast, with Nick Skillicorn

Here, I interview thought leaders from around the world on how they make the most of their ideas.

They might be professors, researchers, entrepreneurs, leaders of innovation units or someone with a fascinating story. But what they all have in common is that you can learn something from them to improve your own creativity and innovation capabilities.

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Videos: Nick Skillicorn on Youtube

Idea to Value podcast

For people who would rather watch my videos than read articles, I also have a Youtube channel.

Here, I publish regular videos about the science of creativity, improving your innovation performance, as well as videos of my podcast episodes.


I am also an author and have published a number of books on the topics of innovation and creativity.

The book I am best known for is 30 days of Creativity Training: 150 exercises to enhance your Creativity in one month.

This book contains 150 creativity exercises to train your brain at becoming better at divergent thinking. Based on the principles which researchers use to assess and measure creativity in the laboratory, doing these exercises every day for a month will make you better able to think of new ideas at work and in your everyday life.

I also have an eBook on The secrets of ongoing innovation success.

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