Next-Generation Program Delivery (Innovation, Agile & Digitalisation)

Most large-scale programs fail, exceeding budget and missing milestones. Worst of all, they might fail to deliver on the change they promise.

This is especially true of Agile, Digital and Innovation transformation projects. The major reason these projects and programs fail is that companies trying transform themselves still use the methodologies and frameworks to plan and run these projects that were developed decades ago, but are not fit for purpose when it comes to implementing the change they need to become more flexible, agile, future-proof and digitised.

The solution to this is to understand which parts of a program require the proven structures of traditional Program Management, and which aspects require more modern and cutting-edge frameworks which are better suited to the speed required of successfully delivering innovation projects, new business ventures and digital changes.

I have helped to successfully manage a variety of the world’s largest transformation projects, using everything from traditional planning and waterfall milestones to delivering Agile and Digital change at the most challenging clients, including my own exclusive methods. These include:

  • Next-generation Program Delivery and Project Management
  • Innovation Portfolio and Lifecycle management frameworks
  • Lean Start-up progress validation phases
  • Agile program Stakeholder Management
  • Innovation Audits and capability assessments
  • Leadership and Team Development for long-term Growth

If you have an ambition to deliver innovation, complex projects and long-lasting change, I will help you succeed.


As you saw in the video above, about 96% of innovation projects fail to make a return on investment.

That means only about 1 out of 25 of your projects is likely to succeed

With such high risk and wasted time, money and resources, it is no wonder management is afraid of investing in innovation

But why is this happening?

Often, it boils down to the innovation teams and leadership not being able to work well together, validate whether progress is being made, and manage the resources in an appropriate manner.

After all, traditional project and financial management processes are not designed to work for innovation projects and teams. So no wonder the teams are destined for failure.

However, if your company wants to improve the likelihood that your projects will succeed, I can help.

I have developed a unique new innovation framework called the Lean Innovation Validation & Execution (L.I.V.E.) system.

It uses a standard set of 31 checklist questions which can be used to manage any innovation project, while:

  • reducing risk of failure
  • speeding up project progress
  • validating if progress is being made
  • prioritising resources between projects
  • getting alignment between the project delivery and management team.

To find out more about the L.I.V.E. system, click here.

And if you would then like to talk to me about potentially coming and helping your team learn about how to implement it, contact me and let us discuss.

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