It is with great joy that I can announce our new online training platform for innovation, now available on the uDemy platform. This is the world’s biggest self-learning portal, with thousands of courses on nearly any subject, and now you can learn about the 3 Dimensions of Innovation at your own pace.

This course is available here, and contains over 4 hours of video and test-based learning. It is designed for Entrepreneurs, Business owners, CEOs or anyone who wants to improve their ability to grow their business by delivering offerings which their customers really see the value in.

Over 1,000 students have already taken the course, so why don’t you join them now.

You will benefit from this course by:

  • Understanding why some companies fail or thrive due to innovation
  • Reducing risk around innovation projects
  • Generating solutions which actually address customer challenges
  • Reduced time spent managing innovation projects with greater speed to market
  • Diversifying your innovation types and enabling new business models

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[Update 24/01/2014] Wow, I have just checked the registration figures for the course, and I’m not entirely sure how to say this. We launched a promotion to celebrate the launch of the course just over 24 hours ago. And since then, we have nearly 1,200 people having signed up for our course. I’m blown away, thank you so much for everyone who’s signed up so far. This makes us the second most popular course on innovation at uDemy, after only 1 day! I’m thrilled and filled with gratitude.

Have you taken the course? What did you think, and what would you like to see added in future courses? Let us know in the comments below.