“Why do I have my best ideas while I’m chasing squirrels?”

Hi everyone,

I want to find out what’s on your mind when you think about innovation and growing your business. So I’m giving you the opportunity to ask me whatever you like, right from this page.

As part of my next series of innovation insights, I want to answer the Top 30 (yes, 30, a whole month worth!) questions which my followers have about making innovation actually work, rather than the endless lists of motivational quotes and case studies on many other websites.

Questions like:

  • How do I get my managers and leaders to listen to my ideas?
  • What sort of innovations can I do with zero budget?
  • Why do I have my best ideas in the shower?
  • Why are my customers not buying the innovations we’ve just launched?

Just leave a comment at the end of this post with any questions you have ever wanted to know the answer to, related to innovation or creativity. 1, 7 or 50 I want to hear them all. I’ll then collate the Top 30 questions from everyone and provide an in-depth article answering them in the coming weeks.

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Looking forward to hearing from you,

Nick Skillicorn
CEO & Founder, Improvides